How Collagen Helps Treat Joints and Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is one common health concern to elderly people and especially those who have been very active during their youthful and aging years. Athletes suffer a lot from arthritis which is characterized by stiffness and pain in the joints. The condition starts with a breakdown of cartilage matrix followed by erosion of the cartilage and the release of fragments of collagen. The last phase of the condition is chronic inflammatory response.

How Collagen Helps Treat Joints and Arthritis

The process of treating arthritis involves the reduction of inflammation and pain to stop the disease from progressing. Collagen supplements have been proven to improve this condition significantly. Collagen is a very nutritious supplement that is manufactured from fish and animal material such as pork, beef or fish bones and skins. These materials are first processed and made easier to digest. They are very rich in amino acids that help greatly in building joint cartilages. Gelatin is another source of collagen. Gelatin is a natural substance that can be found in powder form in every grocery store. It is also widely available online. The best gelatin powder is from organic and pasture-raised animals. This gives you the best ingredients with little or no unwanted ingredients.

The products have a high number of amino acids that help greatly in the creation of collagen. One of the main proteins in bone is type II collagen. Health practitioners have suggested that the consumption of collagen hydrolysate is able to improve osteoarthritis symptoms as it stimulates the body to produce joint collagen. When someone consumes foods rich is collagen, the long protein chains are broken down in the process of digestion and converted into amino acids which can be absorbed into the blood stream.

Recent medical studies have indicated that collagen stimulates the growth of new cartilage in people’s joints. The study shows that patients who used collagen reported improvement in mobility and experienced significant pain relief. 33% of body tissue is collagen, making it the most abundant body tissue. The tissue is found in bones, connective tissues and muscles. It is believed that some people experience a slowdown in collagen production as they grow old. A research paper had been recently published by Dr. Stefan Oesser a medical researcher from Kiel University in Germany demonstrating that the addition of collagen to tissues of the cartilage encourages growth of extra cells.

A study carried out by researchers from Creighton University Medical Center in 20002 indicated that women who were complaining of overall stiffness of joints, reported considerable improvement after using collagen during for a period of 42 days. Another group of researchers from the InterHealth Research Center found out that type II collagen drinks that work, produced better results than chondroitin and glucosamine in reducing pain in people with arthritis.


Collagen is undoubtedly a very important compound in the treatment of osteoarthritis and relieving joint inflammation. The introduction of this product in the market has changed the lives of many as it has enabled them to unhang their running shoes and hit the tracks again. The pain relieving aspect of the treatment is very useful as it helps one remain happy and productive.